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You Knew

by Mother Falcon

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Cade Earick
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Cade Earick makes me feel like a leaf that just got swept up by a rake. Favorite track: Marigold.
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Waved This is the most exhilarating, uplifting, contemplative yet excitiing album I have ever heard in my years. It feel like I'm walking through a gallery of 11 different paintings, each exploding with vibrant colour and expression. Mother Falcon is one of those few bands who paints their music over a sonic canvas. Nothing could be made better about this. This is my favourite album to date. Favorite track: Sleep.
Rippy McBottom
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Rippy McBottom It's weirdly calming and invigorating at the same time. It has this thing about it that you can't find elsewhere. Favorite track: Dirty Summer.
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Wrap me in your robe of color Fade away the night and day and take me to Another world that feels more like Mother Mother, Mother When she took me to the (in her) Pink Stallion Lightning striking all around me I’m still smiling still alive Face the death of paradise as we turn into sunrise Fade into oblivion Wait until I see again Wade into oblivion Wait until I see her in my Pink Stallion When I first came face to face with death
Marigold 02:31
Bury the marigold underneath the bedroom that you stole two kisses from her lips Tears were shed morals bled petals were plucked something in the heart beat like a drum Is this love ? I dont know but tonight I’m going to find out We kiss without hesitation no reservations we dangle our feet from the highest places In the crowd of the sad in the crowd of the mad we are the only smiling faces Every day and all night ‘Till the morning dawn’s bright I don’t want to see you go Every day and all night Even when you’re all right I don’t want to let you go The morning light was blocked by dusty dirty blinds and I could hear your vodka kisses shouting, Fight ! Is this love ? I dont know but tonight I’m going to find out
Porcelain 03:38
You wilt down the hall to pour yourself over my porcelain. But I don’t mind, take your time, all your words wax absurd. You’re not mine, folding spine, soft pale white will eat your night, over my porcelain.
Sleep 05:28
Sleep, beautiful sleep Crushed by weightless, reticent dreams in a bedroom, where we only sleep when dawn blows out the street lights though wise men, at their end, know dark is right* Sleep, beautiful sleep promised kiss from a king if you feel afraid it will carry you into this dark night it will carry you in this good night Don’t worry, we will see through this nonsense your essence I dont know what I could do Don’t worry, we will see through this (I don’t know what I could do) Don’t worry, we will see through this nonsense your essence my darkness
Has the cat got your tongue ? Is the woman in your eyes still very young ? My Majesty of Madness, since torn from my arms To know you still feel at all with your heels on their throats It makes it hard when falls are softer to keep above The fact is I feel more alive when I thought you died young I found god at the bottom of the bottle and I felt pain in a whole new way Every night I prayed, that I could find you in somebody new Until I realized That you are just somebody new
Dirty Summer 03:24
Hear the child within me screaming through love through pain through shame it keeps on breathing My old friend, I’ll see you again I’d do anything to be back when I fought fire with fire lets pretend Your lips are thin but mine are open I see between your teeth the skin of seasons too dry, you eat them and fly your mine, your mine, your mine We will fall into others burn our skin, forget our mothers (remember when we were beautiful) We will swell into summer (remember when the wind stole our way) Melt into (remember when we loved everyday as) Dirty Lovers
Black and blue gold and red Anything to turn your head so look at me don’t just look at me Claws of pain undying fame, To be the best at what I do I just want you I just I know that its not like this Is that a dimple I spy ? I keep it simple I try to talk to you love struck fool Every day and every night before the kiss between the fights I still come back I will still come back because I know that its not like this You know that its not like this How could this ever be? In an exit scene starring you and me Im on my knees Backdrops of black and gold flicker into red and blues I’m on my knees cradling you As gold and reds fade to blues and blacks anything to turn your back so look at me will you just look at me? Claws of pain that twist in shame that tiny brittle metal ring that once had soothed now can only sting Its not like this It will never be the same just another game that I played with you I will never act the fool You knew You knew
Marfa 04:28
You were seeing soft pale moons Closing their eyelids too soon
I close my eyes to see the sky I bite my lips to feel again How could I pour my blood for something so sure? Knuckles turned white, I’ll bleed for my word Grind my teeth into the breeze you held me locked without the keys now on elbows calloused knees I’ve fallen in the land of hands where the blind can see You swallowed me whole You swallowed me whole I’ve seen devils in the hills angels, hands filled with pills Eyes closed, breath held,holding still as not to stir, the purest morning fir When it was Good Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god I see I see I see see a brave new world It’s crashing down around me It’s crashing down around me It’s crashing down When It was Good
Wake up in a cloud of smoke You’re swallowing, swallowing, swallowing me down to where you said you’d set me free I can see you there You’re sitting there You’re hands tied to your hair I can’t believe in you Just a matter of time Just a matter of space It’s a matter of What’s the matter of What’s the matter ? I can see you there You’re sitting there, You’re hands tied to your hair I can’t believe in you
I lose touch when you love me too much Thats not how it is world, when I have a knife to your back and you’re screaming how love is so draining but pain is just water and we’re just floating filling in the holes with the filth thats all we have I dream of water when I’m dying of thirst I dream of water pulling me under


Our second full-length album


released May 7, 2013

songs written by Mother Falcon

Recorded by Evan Kaspar and John Michael Landon at Scottish Rite Theater and Estuary Recording Facility
Mixed by Evan Kaspar, except "Dirty Summer" mixed by John Michael Landon
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound, NYC
art and design by Tamir Kalifa and Nick Gregg

© 2013 Mother Falcon


all rights reserved



Mother Falcon Austin, Texas

Mother Falcon is an orchestral indie band born in Austin, Texas that has quickly become an award winning recording act and a top concert draw, performing in rock clubs while maintaining a presence in the performing arts scene scoring plays and films.

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